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Limit Break

Limit Break

Diversity & Inclusion Community
1,000+ Members
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Mentoring from Limit Break -
Building A Mentoring Community From zero to 700 people.

This case study explores the challenges faced by Limit Break, the solutions PushFar offer and the results of implementing a mentoring program.

An introduction

Limit Break offer a Mentorship program for underrepresented people working in the UK games industry. It was founded by UI/UX designer Anisa Sanusi three years ago who found it challenging to find a mentor in the games industry.
  • The concept of finding a mentor isn't new but Limit Break wanted to create a place where people could fall into it.
  • The games industry had its own Me Too movement and the founder Anisa Sanusi had issues where there were no women that she could talk to. Representation within the games industry is bad and less than 24% of people are women.
  • Originally, Anisa Sanusi was looking to find a mentor herself but expanded it to the Limit Break Community.
  • When the pandemic hit and people were unable to meet in person there was no point limiting the program to those based in London. Limit Break wanted to open it up internationally.
  • “There’s no f*cking way we’re not using the platform anymore”

    Anisa Sanusi, Founder of Limit Break Mentorship

    The Challenges

  • Limit Break would print out all the mentees and mentors and match them on an office desk. This then moved to spreadsheets but the process was still time-consuming.
  • Limit Break were overwhelmed with the number of people wanting to take part, however, were receiving positive feedback so decided to continue.
  • They wanted to create a space where people could comfortable with mentoring.
  • Limit Break were looking to break new ground and support:
    1. Underrepresented genders.
    2. LGBQT+.
    3. People of colour.
  • Scaling internationally required the program to be even more organised to ensure mentor matches remained effective.
  • Networking in the wider games industry as it can be insular, the platform had to be inviting and simple to use to encourage maximin participation,
  • The Solution

  • The PushFar platform was accessible and intuitive for all members, allowing the onboarding process of new members to be scaleable.
  • PushFar made it easy for Limit Break to match members on their experience gap and not just skill sets.
  • PushFar's self-matching feature allowed people to connect without the need for admins to facilitate.
  • The PushFar algorithm eliminated matching bias which promoted more authentic relationships.
  • PushFar allowed Limit Break to add tags for mentees to find mentors from specific backgrounds, such as LGBTQ+.
  • The PushFar team were very responsive and helpful throughout the entire process.
  • The Results

  • Limit Break is now set up to enable mentees to connect with mentors from specific backgrounds like LGBTQ+ at scale.
  • Relationships have been formed, with some mentoring relationships lasting over two years.
  • Founder Anisa Sanusi got her dream mentor.
  • Other countries are asking Limit Break to open a branch in their country.
  • Limit Break were able to scale up to 700 people on their mentoring program.
  • Limit Break is finding it easier to attract sponsors now the community has grown.
  • Limit Break has seen an increase in member retention.
  • “Women are looking for other women mentors on the platform”

    Anisa Sanusi, Founder of Limit Break Mentorship

    What's Next?

  • With lockdown restrictions lifting, Limit Break want to use the platform as a community hub to host both virtual and physical events/meet-ups as a way for their mentors, mentees and community to network.
  • Limit Break are aiming to increase the number of mentoring members to 1,000.
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