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The PushFar Mentoring Platform

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an exciting array of mentoring (and coaching) programs.

At PushFar, our mentoring platform can help you to launch, run and scale your mentoring programs, both internally and externally. With dozens of different applications for mentoring, here are just a few of the more popular programs that our clients launch with our support.

Talent, Learning and Development

Ensure employee growth leads to organisational success with the power of mentoring.

Most organisations know the incredible value of mentoring and coaching. Mentoring can help with employee engagement, employee retention, learning, development, diversity and inclusion, knowledge-sharing and, ultimately, employee growth. Yet, running these programs to add true value has traditionally been incredibly manual and resource-heavy.
Launch your next wave of talent development programs with PushFar. From mentoring training and recruitment, right through to matching, management, reporting and success, PushFar's platform and customer success team can show you how to ensure mentoring thrives.
From employee onboarding, through to senior leadership development, our mentoring programs and software solution are designed to turn the administration of these programs a breeze, whilst truly engaging with your employees.

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Diversity and Inclusion

Support inclusion, equity and diversity with meaningful connections.

A diverse, inclusive and valued workforce is a powerful thing. Turn objectives, targets and words into actions, powered through connections. Whether supporting employee resource groups and inclusive networks, such as women's networks, ethnic minorities networks, LGBTQ+ networks, disability networks or age networks, or simply building an inclusive culture for everyone, traditional mentoring programs and reverse mentoring programs can have a significant impact.
PushFar's resources, training and platform enable organisations like yours to setup and scale mentoring programs focused on building equity, inclusivity and employee empowerment, whilst measuring the impact of mentoring on inclusion through feedback, measurement dashboards and reports.

The real impact of mentoring programs

Mentoring is pretty powerful. Here's what our 2021 survey uncovered.


Increase in Retention
An overwhelming 86% of professionals have told us having access to mentoring would be a factor in them staying with an organisation, with 42% saying it would be a significant factor in staying.


Inclusion Empowerment
82% of professionals believe that mentoring can be extremely valuable to tackling diversity and inclusion challenges head on. Turn diverse workforces into inclusive ones with engaged, long-lasting connections.


Increase in Productivity
Of those with a mentor, an overwhelming 97% say they are valuable, furthermore, 67% of businesses reported an increase in productivity due to mentoring in 2021. Empower your employees and boost productivity.


Employee Satisfaction
86% of PushFar’s mentoring participants feel mentoring is helping them to reach their goals and develop in their careers. We've seen some organisations increase mentoring engagement by 500%+ with our help.

Let's save you time and improve mentoring performance!

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University, College and Membership

Enable students, alumni and membership community mentoring to thrive, with PushFar.

Join dozens of universities, colleges and membership bodies that are offering their students, alumni and members the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in a highly effective peer-learning platform. PushFar's mentoring platform, programs and support resources can streamline the entire process around mentoring programs for university and college initiatives. Whether you're connecting students with their peers, students with alumni or students with professionals for career advice, our platform and programs are designed to support you.
Offering mentoring to membership can boost membership retention, industry learning and regularly contributes to institutional development required for certifications. Our platform enables you to match, manage, report and engage with participants in minutes, with low or no resource required.

You're in global, forward-thinking company, with our clients

PushFar's mentoring software is used and loved by hundreds of organisations of all shapes and sizes, globally.

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We work with a diverse and exciting range of well-known, progressive organisations, to offer a quick, effective and impactful way to run mentoring programs through our mentoring software, training and technology. Click here to explore how we can help too.
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