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How it Works:

Let's Get Mentoring.

At PushFar, we have built the world's largest open mentoring platform for individuals, and take the same intuitive, streamlined technology to licence into organisations for internal mentoring programs.

For individuals - you can join completely free and anyone can register as a mentor, mentee or both. Once registered, we'll match you with the best mentoring individuals, based on our mentoring algorithm.

For organisations - you can customise branding, matching, reports and much more, all for your own participants, such as your own employees, members, students and alumni.

So, who's looking for mentoring?

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How it Works

4 simple steps to mentoring success on PushFar's mentoring platform.

1. Create your Mentoring Profile

PushFar's open network has 50,000+ professionals signed up and volunteering to help individuals with mentoring in a wide range of industries, from across the world. Whether a student, professional, freelancer, entrepreneur or recently retired professional - mentoring can support you.

Create your PushFar profile in just 30 seconds, choose whether you would like to volunteer to be a mentor, find yourself a mentor or both, and enter your experience (which we'll use to find you the best mentoring matches).

2. Find your Mentoring Matches

With your profile details, PushFar's magical mentoring algorithm will suggest a range of the best mentoring matches for you based on your experience, what your goals and objectives are and where you're looking for mentoring.

Our mentor matching suggestions look at availability, industry, key focal areas, location and keyword relevance, but if you want you can be even more proactive and search for mentors and mentees by a range of search filters.

3. Set your Goals and Schedule Mentoring Meetings

Through the platform, you can set your mentoring goals, share them with your mentor, schedule mentoring meetings and conduct them directly through PushFar. With PushFar's built-in video and phone calling, there's no need to go elsewhere for your virtual meetings. With goal tracking and reports dashboards, you can ensure your mentoring relationships fly.

What's more, with PushFar, scheduled meetings will send invitations to Outlook, Google and iCal calendars, remind you when it's time to schedule your next meeting, give you a nudge when you're falling behind and give you total control.

4. Network, Connect and Go Further

It's not just mentoring. On PushFar, we encourage all of our mentors and mentees to network with fellow professionals, students and recently retired mentors. You can share your profile, view other people's experience, past and present roles, share conversation threads publicly and track progress through gamification and PushFar Points.

Every time you introduce yourself to someone new, set or complete a goal you've set, schedule meetings or engage with your mentoring, you'll climb the weekly PushFar leaderboard.

Create Your Account in 30 Seconds.

Volunteer to mentor others, find your own mentor, share your knowledge and climb the career ladder.

But wait, how is it free?

PushFar is completely free for individuals and we don't make any money from it anywhere. We make our money by licencing our technology to businesses and organisations who want to use our same platform for their own private mentoring programs (such as universities, businesses and charities). This allows us to offer it to every individual completely free.

There's no cost involved anywhere on our open network. All of our mentors are voluntary and you can join them, sharing your own career experience. Being a mentor comes with a lot of its own benefits too! Mentoring is mutually beneficial.

Go Further, with PushFar.

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