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Time to Address Stress

MORE than three quarters of UK staff report feeling stressed at work, up 13 per cent in the last 12 months. April is National Stress Awareness Month so we’ve teamed up with Ed Johnson, founder of mentoring platform pushfar.com to share his tips on reducing stress at work.
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How mentoring can help LGBTQ people in the workplace

PinkNews spoke to entrepreneur Ed Johnson, co-founder and CEO of PushFar to find out how mentoring can positively impact the LGBTQ+ community and why it’s so important for LGBTQ+ founders to be visible in the startup ecosystem.
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Mentoring or Coaching, what's the difference?

A joint report* details the key differences between mentoring and coaching, along with the top predictions for how each of these will develop in the coming years, and the anticipated challenges they are expected to help businesses overcome.
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International Day of Happiness - Five top tips to be motivated at work

AS MONDAY marks International Day of Happiness, a company which helps people with their careers has shared its top five tips to help people happier in their job. March is sometimes a difficult month as many new year resolutions are forgotten by now and employees tend to fall back into a rut in their working roles, leaving them feeling down and demotivated.
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Bromsgrove Standard

A Chat with Ed Johnson, Founder and CEO at Cloud-Based Mentoring Platform: PushFar

PushFar is a cloud-based mentoring and career progression platform and mentoring software provider. Our own platform is now used by more than 70,000 professionals as mentors or mentees.
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Forbes 30 under 30: Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson dropped out of school at 17. He was eventually able to find a job, but struggled to find a mentor who could guide him in his career. With the goal of making mentoring more accessible, Johnson founded PushFar in 2018.
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Six New Year’s career resolutions you should be setting in 2023

Whether you’re hoping to get that promotion, leave your company, or move industries entirely, we all have our own career goals for 2023. But there are a few work resolutions we all could make to help us get ahead on our desired career path.
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Majority of firms say L&D is critical but many struggle with investment, research shows

Learning and development (L&D) is seen as critical by the majority (86 per cent) of businesses, but this can be undercut by a lack of financial backing or resources, a new survey has found. The 2022 BIE Executive study of more than 200 HR leaders found that many viewed L&D as a necessity, with more than two-thirds (68 per cent) saying they prefer to appoint senior roles internally.
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How to answer ‘What's your biggest weakness?’

Ed Johnson, who runs mentoring and career progression website PushFar, said: "The key here is to turn a weakness into something that an organisation may consider advantageous to them. "Treading carefully, it's often advisable to pick up on the mood of an interview. "If it's a more 'creative' company, then admitting you aren't great at certain aspects of a role but at the same time being keen to improve upon them, may help the organisation to feel that actually they can offer you training and support, and that ultimately you are a good match for the organisation and they are a good match for you."
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Does working from home actually make us feel happier?

Call me square, but I love office life. I regularly pull 12 hour days with PushFar, the career mentoring start-up I co-founded in 2017, where I’m part of a six-person team, mostly in our twenties. It’s intense but rewarding work that has certainly bonded us as a group. So when the Government imposed another lockdown last week and I was forced to work once again from my London flat, it was difficult not to sink into loneliness; I’m longing for company. Before the pandemic, I was usually so pumped that I was known to arrive at the office by 5.30am.
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