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Mentoring from UiPath -
Community Building and Customer Retention.

In this case study, explore how UiPath has used PushFar's mentoring software to
improve community building and customer retention.

An introduction

UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, is on a mission to provide a robot for every person. It streamlines processes, uncovers efficiencies, and provides insights, making the path to digital transformation fast and cost-effective.
  • In 2018 UiPath had a forum and an academy but wanted something more to fuel the growth of their community. They began to focus on running meet-ups, hackathons, and advocacy programs which led to rapid growth and a community of over 1,000,000 people!
  • UiPath noticed in 2019 that people were looking for mentors to help them with specific tasks and projects.
  • UiPath believes it’s valuable to support one-to-one relationships within the community as specific challenges are easier and quicker to overcome.
  • One of the company’s objectives was to streamline the onboarding process of new developers in the automation community.
  • “Mentoring is a strong pillar for bringing people into our world”

    Andreea Tomescu, Community Builder at UiPath

    The Challenges

  • With a 1,000,000 person community, it became too difficult and time consuming for UiPath to keep track of everyone using spreadsheets.
  • UiPath needed to vet the mentors to ensure the program itself was impactful and trust was maintained.
  • UiPath wanted both Mentors and Mentees to feel valued.
  • UiPath needed to scale a strong mentoring culture.
  • UiPath needed a mentoring solution that embodied their values of being fast and humble.
  • UiPath needed a scalable program that allowed mentees to find and conveniently self-match with mentors.
  • UiPath needed a platform with strong reporting features to measure the validity of the mentoring relationships.
  • The Solution

  • UiPath selected Pushfar due to:
    1. The fast response times and high-level support PushFar offered when it came to set-up and on-going management of the platform.
    2. They have experience running an external mentoring network.
    3. They were transparent and open when communicating what was and what wasn't possible and helped UiPath set realistic goals.
  • PushFar also enables the UiPath community to find their own mentors and mentees, making the project scalable.
  • PushFar provides UiPath maximum admin control, allowing them to build the program the way they wanted.
  • PushFar aligned with the values of UiPath, allowing people to be matched quickly.
  • PushFar's admin dashboard provided UiPath with an overview of how their program is forming, engagement rates, and the ability to report on the validity of the relationships made.
  • PushFar offered a personalised learning journey for each mentor and mentee.
  • “Mentoring is not just about improving skills. Mentoring is all about sharing professional and personal life experience, struggles, and success stories to help our mentees improve in professional and personal lives.”

    Lahiru Fernando, Country Director & Executive RPA Lead
    at Boundaryless Group, UiPath MVP and Mentor

    The Results

  • Onboarding objective achieved. Mentoring is now a strong pillar at bringing people into UiPath’s world of Robotic Process Automation (RPA).
  • PushFar made the large UiPath community feel closer and intimate with more personal relationships forming.
  • Increase in mentoring engagement with a handful of mentors having 5 to 10 mentees at the same time.
  • Self-sustaining platform that allows the team at UiPath to refocus their time on other community building events and programs.
  • Increase in customer retention.
  • Multiple success stories from the community where people have received support fast, “gone from A to B and have upgraded in ways they didn’t even think were possible.”
  • “My life is 75% easier!”

    Andreea Tomescu, Community Builder at UiPath

    What's Next?

  • UiPath expects to see the number of mentors and mentees double over the next two or three months.
  • The vision is to open the program up to all 1,000,000+ communities and get all UiPath community members participating.
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