Introducing PushFar Video Calling

We're delighted to announce a platform-wide rollout of PushFar's built-in video calling.

PushFar Video Calling - Mentoring Platform
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Since PushFar’s platform was first developed and launched, we have continually strived to push our technology further (no ‘PushFar’ pun intended) and evolve to help facilitate more meaningful mentoring connections, engagements and goal-supporting functionality, not only for those running mentoring programmes but, arguably more importantly, those individuals in mentoring relationships themselves. They are, after all, the reason PushFar works.

So, with this in mind, we are delighted to confirm that over the last month we have finalised the deployment of built-in PushFar video and phone calling to all our clients’ instances and our open network. This new feature enables every individual to use PushFar’s on-the-go and instant virtual mentoring meetings, directly within PushFar’s mentoring platform.

Whilst we have always allowed mentors and mentees to schedule and conduct meetings in a variety of mediums, this new feature release made total sense as the next step to PushFar’s growth. As of the 1st of May 2021, we now have more than 50,000 individuals engaged in mentoring through our open network and are supporting tens of thousands of individuals in mentoring relationships in closed and private networks for hundreds of companies and organisations around the world. Every participant on PushFar can now take advantage of this new feature.

The combination of a mass of mentoring connections and relationships, and our new video-calling functionality, enables us to further grow usage of our platform and help both individuals and organisations with mentoring engagement over time.

Our video calling functionality is now available when scheduling a mentoring meeting, simply by selecting the meeting type as ‘Video Call (PushFar)’. Video calling can be conducted in-browser on Google Chrome and all PushFar video calls include the ability for mentees to add and view their goals, whilst mentors can add and view shared goals with their mentee.

At the same time, more traditional video calling platforms such as Zoom, Teams and Skype for Business can still be initiated, and all mentoring meetings include links to Outlook, Google Calendars, and iCal Calendars too. For any organisation interested in a live-demo or to find out more about using our mentoring software, click here to request a demo or contact your account manager.
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